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  • The ritual - shot1b



Waiting to chase the ravens



Gimme Blood

The full moon needed some love: The werewolf decided to come back

Sparkle and scales..

Been long.. had to be back

Saw her in a dream..  she’s here..

The ritual – Panel 1

The first panel of @_deathkitty_ ‘s “The ritual” .. The full text of which can be read here  –

The ritual - shot1b


“Storms of grey had begun to tumble out over the icy sea cutting against the sharp smooth black rocks jutting up against the towering cliff.  A harsh morning wind was pushing sharply into her lungs as her toes gripped the edge.  From a distance she appeared like another feature of the grim landscape, another dark piece of stone, unmoving, eyes closed in concentration. Her frozen hands were buried deep into the pockets of her black hooded sweater. “

Women of war episode 2: Draupadi

I was not too happy with the outcome of the last attempt at draupadi.. this is a face saving attempt… I like this better

Anjaly wrote this piece of horror with a twist in the tale of mahabharat when I asked her to write me a line for draupadi.. I picked the part I love illustrating, the stuff with is what she wrote


She howled..
Clutched her aching scalp as the brute of a man dragged her by her straight black tresses. Tears poured down her fish shaped eyes. The vermilion of her forehead spread as sweat broke out on her beautiful face. Breath came in spasms through her heart concealed in the green blouse.

Suddenly it stopped, she looked up. The scoundrel heaved her up as she resisted. He pulled at her semi transparent sari, as it unfurled, so did a snake..

Its golden speckled body uncoiled from her waist, and spewed poison in his eyes. Blinded by the pain, he fell at her feet. She put her feet on the back of his head and pressed it into the wet earth….

I dont think I have done justice to it. But I had to sketch this anyway..

Women of war 1: Helen of troy

Thought of doing a series on the women at the center of epics. The ones who caused men to die and empires to fall.. I might retouch this image a bit, but for now, this works I guess. Just to get in the mood. Draupadi next?

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